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DJ Surreal – February 25, 2024

Combichrist – This Shit Will Fuck you Up
Aesthetic Perfection – Big Bad Wolf
Jace Everett – Bad Things
Manson – Personal Jesus
Die Antwood – I Fink you Freaky
DJ Spaz – Ich kushte ein Madchen
Peaches – Fuck the Pain Away
She Wants Revenge – Tear You Apart
Snake River Conspiracy – Lovesong
Bjork – Army of Me
Repo! The Genetic Opera – Zydrate Anatomy
Aesthetic Perfection – Love Like Lies
NIN – Closer
Dioxyde – Geist
Brvmes – Haute
Wumpscut – Christfuck
Helium Vola – Omnis Mundi Creatura
Black Nail Cabaret – Spheres

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Descend into the haunting embrace of Descent, a gothic alternative club night that has been enrapturing souls since 2007. This dark haven reverberates with a rich tapestry of sound, weaving together the threads of Goth, Industrial, EBM, Metal, and other tantalizing genres. 

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