The Descent team hosts the best Goth dance floor in Vancouver. We regularly play requests that fall within the scope of alternative music. We are known for keeping the dance floor moving from opening to close and some of our patrons do nothing but work their moves from the moment they come in till the end of the night. We regularly play requests that fall within the scope of alternative music and encourage people to contact us with what music they are dying to hear. You can contact us with your requests on the form below, in the comments on our event pages, on our Facebook events, or you can write down your requests at the event behind the DJ booth. If we don’t have what you are looking for, we will try to have it for the next event.

Don’t Be Shy, Contact Us With What’s On Your Mind

Descent Sundays strives to provide a friendly and relaxed environment where people can indulge and share their dark and unique interests with like minded people. If you have a a request you’d like to hear, an idea you’d love to see at one of our events, or feedback on our performance please contact us on the form below or contact us via Facebook


Be a Member of the Goth Community

We try to support all members of the goth community and encourage you to do the same. We enforce no dress code for our events though we always love to see people sporting dark fashion. For our scene to grow and remain strong, we all need to support our local artists, events, and stores. Make it out and support the alternative events in Vancouver. Descent hosts a number of events throughout the year with various themes to inspire imagination. So keep in touch with us and remember to say to HELL with Mondays, Make the Descent!