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Surreal Sanguine

Years as a DJ
Years involved with Descent

DJ Surreal, a founding member of Descent, is more than just a talented disc jockey. As the main organizer and promoter of the group, she has been instrumental member of the Vancouver Gothic scene.

Her journey began as a pre-teen, where her passion for DJing quickly evolved into organizing events that resonated with the gothic community.

A serial entrepreneur at heart, DJ Surreal’s interests and hobbies extend far beyond the turntables. Her dedication to the gothic community is unwavering, and her multifaceted talents continue to inspire and energize those around her.

One of her proudest accomplishments is the stories of community and connection that people share because of Descent. 

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DJ Surreal is the main promoter and organizer of Descent. Beyond the decks, DJ Surreal is a serial entrepreneur with a myriad of interests and hobbies. Her unwavering passion for the gothic community is evident in every beat she drops and event she curates.

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