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dj missbdeath

DJ MissBDeath is the pulse of the underground, orchestrating nights alive with the haunting rhythms of Dark Eighties, Goth, Industrial, and EBM

dj joshy neurotic

DJ Joshy Neurotic plays a great blend of music but truly loves Industrial. If you die for the sounds of real industrial, hit the dance floor when Nero starts his set!

DJ Surreal with Vancouver Descent

DJ Surreal, a foundational pillar of the Vancouver Gothic scene, is far more than her moniker suggests. As a founding member of Descent, her talents extend beyond the turntables into realms of community organization, entrepreneurship, and inspiration. From her early passion for DJing to her tireless commitment to nurturing the gothic community, DJ Surreal’s journey is marked by innovation and connection. Her proudest accomplishments are not in personal accolades, but in the stories of community and connection that people have experienced because of her work with Descent.

Descend into the haunting embrace of Descent, a gothic alternative club night that has been enrapturing souls since 2007. This dark haven reverberates with a rich tapestry of sound, weaving together the threads of Goth, Industrial, EBM, Metal, and other tantalizing genres. 

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