DJ Lusus


War of the Roses Setlist

Our Annual War of the Roses event had a fabulous turnout. The crowd dressed strongly towards the theme, sporting lots of black and red. DJ Vortex and DJ Lusus joined us for a guest spot as well. It was a night to remember!   Vortex Guest DJ DJ Vortex openend up the night for us […]

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Gothic Dreams Setlilist

We had a smashing time at our Gothic Dreams event in November. Descent is known for its fabulous dance floors and people come out to dance. As usual, we did not disappoint.   Wraith Resident DJ DJ Wraith opened up the night with this fabulous set Chameleons – Less Than Human Pastel Ghost – Amethyst […]

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Descent 11th Anniversary Setlist

Our 11th Anniversary was an amazing night. We had a fabulous turnout and a special guest performance from Jenny from Borg Queen. We also had DJ Lusus & DJ Unicode join us for a special guest spot 11th Anniversary Setlist   Surreal Resident DJ DJ Surreal opened up the anniversary event with some tracks that […]

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Gothic Romance Setlist

Our Gothic Romance event was a fantastic night for the Gothic alternative community in the city of Vancouver. Everyone had an amazing time and it was great energy. We had two guest DJs with us for this event: DJ Lusus and DJ Vortex. Gothic Romance Setlist   Vortex Guest DJ DJ Vortex opened the night […]

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Gothic May 2018

Our Gothic May event had a great turnout! A bunch of people showed up and got their wiggle on. We also had DJ Lusus back for a special Guest DJ spot. Gothic May Setlist   Wraith Resident DJ DJ Wraith opened up the night with some great tracks Dead Can Dance – Yulunga (Spirit Dance) […]

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