Victorian Goth


Victorian Goth event at Descent September 23, 2019 @ Red RoomDo you love the Victorian style? We do too! The corsets, the accessories, and the styles lend themselves beautifully to Gothic culture. Some would argue that the Victorian and romantic influences were one of the original Gothic alternative styles. It definitely holds a special place in the hearts of many in the alt community. Join us September 22 to show off your favorite outfits, connect with your community, and dance up a storm!

Descent Dress Code

While we highly encourage people to dress up, particularly for this event, Vancouver Descent boasts an exclusively nonexistent dress code. “Why?” you ask. Well, it’s simple: We want everyone who comes to our events to be comfortable. New people entering the scene, or just checking it out, may not have figured out their style. So you may be wondering what is acceptable. Jeans and a t-shirt? No problem. Full out Goth? Totally AWESOME. Punk kid? Rock god? Sk8tr girl? Great! Sweet! Wicked! Feel like going all out in some jaw dropping ensemble? You’re totally welcome to. Come how you want to but we are strongly encouraging everyone to dress up in their favourite Gothic style.

Event Details

September 22, 2019
Red Room: 398 Richards St
$5 Cover

Make the Descent!

We can’t wait to see everyone each month! Every event always turns out awesome and how could it not with such a sensational community? Don’t miss your chance to party on the 22nd! Show up dressed in your best to show off your favorite Gothic alternative style! Don’t be shy, don’t stay home, say to HELL with Mondays and Make the Descent!