Gothic January


It’s a brand new year and the Descent Team are ready! We are excited to open this year with another great party! So many people have told us that Descent is their favourite place to be because of the people and the music. All the members of our community are what makes our event so fan-freaking-tastic! Join us on January 20th to connect with the community and music that you love!

Descent Dress Code

Vancouver Descent boasts an exclusively nonexistent dress code. “Why?” you ask. Well, it’s simple: We want everyone who comes to our events to be comfortable. New people entering the scene, or just checking it out, may not have figured out their style. So you may be wondering what is acceptable. Jeans and a t-shirt? No problem. Full out Goth? Totally AWESOME. Punk kid? Rock god? Sk8tr girl? Great! Sweet! Wicked! Feel like going all out in some jaw dropping ensemble? You’re totally welcome to. Come how you want to but we are strongly encouraging everyone to dress up in their favourite Gothic style.

Event Details

January 20, 2019
Red Room: 398 Richards St
$5 Cover

Are You Ready to Start 2019 Off Right?

Getting the year off to just the right start is all about choices and connection. You have to make the choice that this will be your year and connect with awesome people who will be a part of making that reality. The Vancouver Goth scene is an incredible community. We are ready to take this year on, are you? Don’t be shy, don’t stay home, say to HELL with Mondays and Make the Descent!