Halloween Madness


Vancouver Descent Halloween Madness October 21, 2018 @ Red RoomIt’s that time of year again! October is always a favored time for the Goth community. Not only are we into the awesomeness of fall but it’s the perfect time of year to add to your spooky wardrobe and decor for better prices than you’ll see all year. The Descent Team is eager to celebrate this time of year as well. Join us for another classic Descent event with your favourite team of DJs along with special Guest DJ Vortex!

Costume Swap

Putting together a great costume takes time and effort. Over the years, we’ve all collected things that we don’t need anymore but don’t just want to let go. We want it to go to someone who will appreciate it. At this event, we will host a costume swap. Please feel free to bring your GENTLY USED and CLEAN costumes you want to see go to new homes in. It’s a great opportunity to clear out your closet as well as pick up something new for yourself.

Those interested in participating in the costume swap please be respectful. Ensure that the only items you bring down are in good and usable condition.

Halloween Madness Dress Code

Vancouver Descent boasts an exclusively nonexistent dress code. “Why?” you ask. Well, it’s simple: We want everyone who comes to our events to be comfortable. New people entering the scene, or just checking it out, may not have figured out their style. So you may be wondering what is acceptable. Jeans and a t-shirt? No problem. Full out Goth? Totally AWESOME. Punk kid? Rock god? Sk8tr girl? Great! Sweet! Wicked! Feel like going all out in some jaw-dropping ensemble? You’re totally welcome to. Come how you want to but we are strongly encouraging everyone to dress up in their favourite Gothic style.

Event Details

October 21, 2018
Red Room: 398 Richards St
$5 Cover

Make the Descent!

Come out and celebrate this night with us because it definitely won’t be the same without you! If there’s a particular song you’d love to hear, you can contact us with your requests early or post them in our Facebook event. Requests can always be made the night of the event as well! So don’t make excuses, don’t stay home. Say to HELL with Mondays and Make the Descent!