War of the Roses


Vancouver Descent War of the Roses February 19, 2017 @ the Red Room
February 19, 2017 9pm – 2am
The Red Room
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Yes, Valentine’s Day is a meaningless capitalist holiday invented to sell cards and chocolate, but you’re totally in goth-love, so what to do? You can make out behind a mausoleum or leave roses on graves that bear one another’s first names, preferably at the witching hour. But the best goth date ever is at Descent Sunday’s War of the Roses. If you prefer a Valentine’s Day that’s a little less pretty and a little more “Poe”, our event was the perfect place to be. 

We had two dozen roses for this event in white and black that many people make accessories to their dancing for the evening. 

War of the Roses Musical Highlights

The DJs hit a wide range of genres for this event and the crowd seemed to really enjoy most of the music hit. We went from more traditional Goth, to EBM, as well as metal. Some of the most popular songs of the night were from artists like VNV Nation and Skinny Puppy. 


Light & Dark on Either Side

War of the Roses really celebrates the idea of the different sides of love. No matter where you fall down on romance you can express your real thoughts on it here. Vancouver Descent is a friendly place to enjoy some dark culture. Join us for our next event on March 19 for Goth en Blanc!