Goth en Blanc


Vancouver Descent Goth en Blanc party March 19, 2017 @ Red Room
March 19, 2017 9pm – 2am
The Red Room
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Our Goth en Blanc party was a huge success with a fabulous turnout. A number of people dressed to their White Gothic best. There were plenty of amazing outfits to be seen. It was quite a change to see the dance floor and club filled with white instead of the usual black. 

DJ Wraith dressed in white goth outfitOur very own DJ Wraith really got into the theme and debuted a stunning white wedding dress altered for the male form. He was not the only one to go all out though. The outfits did range from extremely unique and creative to simple splashes of white as accents. It made for a really fun event.

Goth en Blanc Musical Hightlights

The usual Descent DJ team was present for this event and the set list ranged quite a bit in terms of what style of music was played. We went from traditional Goth songs to 90s grunge to contemporary industrial. DJ Surreal broke out a few new tracks from new and upcoming musicians such as Voicecoil and The Labrynth. There was also some popular favourites for the night that packed the dance floor and left people dancing around the outskirts of the dance floor. The dance floor remained full till the very end of the night.

Dare to be Different in White

Goth en Blanc was a great chance to explore something a little different in Gothic style and it was wonderful to see so many people rise to the challenge. Goth culture is all about challenging the status quo. Join us for our next event April 23 to join your alternative community! Don’t make excuses, make the Descent!