War of the Roses


Vancouver Descent War of the Roses February 14, 2016 @ The Red Room
 February 14, 2016    9pm – 2am
The Red Room
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Valentine’s Day is often the time of year where the eyes of many people roll… or roll back into their head. Stores pack themselves with enough pink, red, and hearts to make even cupid vomit a little. February 14th at the Red Room, we celebrated Valentine’s Day with an edge. Our War of the Roses acknowledged all the different sides of love from sunshine and puppy dogs to the darkest depths of the heart. The crowd showed us where their heart lies this past year and rocked out to some of their favorite dark and alternative beats on the dance floor. 

War of the Roses Musical Highlights

Our DJ team kept people on the floor from open to the last song. The music kept with the theme of the night with lots of songs about love and sex. Some top numbers of the night included Tear You Apart by She Wants Revenge and Touch Myself by Genitorturers. 

Joining the Dark Side

Love has many flavors and just like other aspects of life, the Goth culture is not afraid to look the dark side right in the face. Without the dark, we would never appreciate the light in the world or in love. If you are looking for some like-minded individuals, join our mailing list to stay in the loop with upcoming events. Be sure to join us at our next event on March 6, Rise From the Shadows! Make the Descent!