Rise From Shadows


Vancouver Descent Rise From Shadows March 6 @ The Red Room
 March 6, 2016       9pm – 2am
The Red Room
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You need never fear the dark but rise up in the shadows! Follow your darker impulses to downtown Vancouver and join us at the Red Room to work out your tension on the dance floor. The Vancouver Goth scene has ebbed and flowed over the years. We have seen great nights be a shining beacon that spanned the years and others that have burn brightly and fiercely for a shorter time. Join your alternative community and rise up from the shadows!

Rise From Shadows Musical Highlights

DJ Wraith and DJ Surreal kept the dance floor intensity level high throughout the night! A lot of people came out to work out their tension with the alternative music they love. Some popular tracks from this event included Moon Trance by Lindsey Stirling and Panzermench by And One. 

Support Your Community

The Vancouver Goth scene stays strong with the participation of its members. This event was all about acknowledging the changes in our community and encouraging new people to come out to join us as well as friendly faces to touch base and say hey. Stay in touch with your community by joining our mailing list. Also be sure to make it out to our next event, Cosmic Cosplay, on April 24! Make the Descent!