October Goth Night


Vancouver Descent October Goth Night on October 16, 2016 @ The Red Room
October 16, 2016       9pm – 2am
The Red Room
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Our October Goth Night was the perfect way to start gearing up for all of the Halloween madness at the end of the month.  This party was a standard Gothic alternative night. The relaxed dark atmosphere was a welcome sight for many still finishing their costumes for the parties at the end of the month. 

We had a pretty decent turnout but most people kept the costumes low key for this event. 

Musical Highlights of October Goth Night

We hardly ever have a night where the dance floor isn’t pretty much packed the majority of the night. This event was no exception. There was a lot of really great music played. 

The dance floor continues to be the central focus for those who enjoy Descent. It’s a place to cut loose and work out any tension you may be feeling.

Keeping Up With Goth Culture

October Goth Night is just one of many events held throughout the year in Vancouver for the alternative scene. For those who love the call of the dark, Goth culture is not something that we celebrate only in October. We continue with it all year long. Sign up for our Mailing list and never miss an update and join us at our next event, Goth Never Dies, on November 20 @ The Red Room! Don’t stay home, Make the Descent!