Naughty or Nice 10


Descent Naughty or Nice 10 event poster
December 18, 2016          9pm – 2am
The Red Room
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This event was an exciting one for the Vancouver Descent Team as it was our 10th annual Naughty or Nice celebration. It’s hard to believe we have been hosting this Christmas party for ten years but here we are!

It was a snowy and rainy night in Vancouver but that didn’t matter much for the dedicated Goth community in Vancouver! We had a surprisingly good turn out considering the weather and, as usual, everyone seemed to have a wonderful time. We also had a group of visitors from the United States that didn’t look like they would have fit in with our crowd but came in and had an amazing time.

As customary for this event, we had our Naughty or Nice gift giveaway. This year had 23 prizes ranging from $2 – $100. In keeping of the spirit of the event, some were gag gifts from the dollar store while we had some higher end items including a set of leather bracers crafted by a local member of our community. 

Goth Fashion of Naughty or Nice 10

We had a real range of costumes for this event though most people tended to stick with what they were warm and comfortable in due to the weather. We did have one girl come with an adorable Gothic reindeer ensemble. 

Musical Highlights

This event started off with a feel of more traditional Goth and EBM but slowly worked its way into a more industrial evening. We had some older classics that pulled a lot of people to dance as well. Popular numbers of the night that packed the dance floor included #1 Crush by Garbage as well as Beautiful People by Marilyn Manson. As always, the setlists varied greatly in musical variety throughout the night. 

Looking Towards the New Year

Naughty or Nice 10 was a great way to end 2016. Many people consider this past year to have been a rough one so let’s all contribute to making 2017 awesome as fuck! Join us for our opening event, Gothic Winter, on January 22 @ The Red Room. Don’t let another year pass you by, Make the Descent!