Krampus in July


Vancouver Descent Krampus in July on July 17, 2016 @ The Red Room
July 17, 2016 9pm – 2am
The Red Room
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Who is Krampus you ask? He is a large half goat, half demon creature bearing large horns and fangs. He journeys with St. Nicholas to punish all those who have been naughty or not keeping with the spirit of the holiday. If you have been naughty, you might want to keep an ear out for the jingle of his bells that he will use to beat you into submission. To appease his dark evil, we did a fundraising event for street entrenched and homeless kids.

This event had a pretty decent turn out and a few participated in the silent auction fundraiser. 

Krampus in July Fundraiser

The fundraiser consisted of receiving donations as well as a silent auction. All proceeds were donated to Directions Youth Services. We had several items up for silent auction and these included:

White mug with a bat on itInvader Zim mug with Gaz on itInvader Zim mug with Gir on itInvader Zim mug with Zim on itSteampunk coloring book

People went away happy with their winnings and $100 was raised for a respectable non-profit. 

The Statement We Make to Others

Krampus in July was all about celebrating the darker aspects of life while still acknowledging that our scene can give back and contribute to social issues. How we treat others is important, particularly when so many of our lifestyle choices are looked upon by mainstream society with criticism. Being part of a community includes coming together as a community for more than just ourselves. Join our mailing list and stay up to date with new and upcoming events! We also look forward to seeing you at our 9th Anniversary on August 14! Make the Descent!