Depeche Mode Tribute Night


Vancouver Descent Depeche Mode Tribute Night September 11, 2016 @ The Red Room
September 11, 2016      9pm – 2am
The Red Room
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It’s hard to choose a favourite song from such an epic band as Depeche Mode. Due to all they have given to the alternative community, Vancouver Descent hosted a Depeche Mode Tribute Night. We had an amazing turnout, the club was packed! There was a lot of love for Depeche Mode.

Musical Highlights of Depeche Mode Tribute Night

This event, obviously, was focused on more Depeche Mode music. The setlist for the night not only had a lot of music from that band but also featured some really fantastic covers of their songs. Everyone seemed to really groove to the vibes of the original songs as well as remixes and covers. Popular tracks for the night included the many different versions of Enjoy the Silence as well as Personal Jesus

Who’s Your Favourite Band?

Depeche Mode is a definite hit for the majority of the alternative scene but who else do you love to listen to? Vancouver Descent is dedicated to playing a variety of music for the Gothic community. You can always get your requests in on social media, by contacting us through our website, or by writing down your requests at the event. We try hard to accommodate requests as much as possible. Join our mailing list for updates on new events and make it out to our next party on October 16! Don’t make excuses, make the Descent!