Dark Renewal


Vancouver Descent Dark Renewal on May 15, 2016 @ The Red Room
May 15, 2016         9pm – 2am
The Red Room
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Spring is the time of growth and renewal and what better time to embrace your love of Gothic culture! As the days continued to grow longer, we gathered to celebrate the night with our fellow Vancouver Goths.

There was an alright turn out for this event and, as is typical, those who joined us all had a great time. The energy at Descent is always incredible and in full swing. 

Dark Renewal Musical Highlights

DJ Wraith and DJ Surreal were flying solo for this event and went back and forth giving the crowd what they loved. The feel of the night stayed mostly with 80s Goth as well as EBM. The crowd was really loving those genres for that night. Some popular tracks that packed the dance floor included Lovesong by Snake River Conspiracy and Disappoint by Assemblage 23. 

Love of the Dark Vibes

Dark Renewal was a great event that brought together all those who have a love for Gothic culture. Being a part of this community can be extremely rewarding and a home for all those who have always felt out of place. Join our mailing to keep in touch with upcoming events! Also make sure to catch our next event on June 19, Beauty of Goth! Don’t stay home, Make the Descent!