Cosmic Cosplay


Vancouver Descent Cosmic Cosplay April 24, 2016 @ The Red Room
April 24, 2016       9pm – 2am
The Red Room
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Comic characters inspire our imagination and their stories provide entertainment as well as influence how we tackle difficult situations. Who is your favourite character? Hero, villain, or antihero? On April 24th we had a cosplay event focused on comic book characters. The community showed us their skills by creating outfits based on their favourite character.

We had all of our resident DJs lighting up the floor with a mix of alternative tracks. The energy was high and people were having a great time showing off their costumes.

Cosmic Cosplay Costumes

About half of the crowd participated in the costume portion of the evening. Top prizes went to a Joker and Harley Quinn combo. We also had a range of characters from obscure to highly recognizable. The creativity and effort that went into the costumes was fantastic! Many of the costumes were pretty inspiring in their accuracy. 

Explore Your Interests with Cosplay

Goth culture encompasses much more than it used to. There is more room to explore and try new things outside of what is traditionally thought of as Goth. Vancouver Descent always seeks to promote and push our scene to explore new ground. If you’re looking to meet a community where you will be challenged to make new ground, join our mailing list to stay in touch with future events. Join us at our next event on May 15, Dark Renewal @ The Red Room! Make the Descent!