2019 Setlists


Gothic Alternative March Setlist

Our Gothic Alternative March party had a fantastic turn out from a wide range of people. We were celebrating at least two birthdays in the crowd and everyone was having a great time. DJ Vortex joined us for another guest spot as well.   Wraith Resident DJ DJ Wraith got us off to the right […]

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War of the Roses Setlist

Our Annual War of the Roses event had a fabulous turnout. The crowd dressed strongly towards the theme, sporting lots of black and red. DJ Vortex and DJ Lusus joined us for a guest spot as well. It was a night to remember!   Vortex Guest DJ DJ Vortex openend up the night for us […]

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January Goth Setlist

For our first party of 2019, we have DJ Vortex join us for a guest spot. It was a good way to start off the year.   Vortex Guest DJ DJ Vortex started off the night juuuuuuust right! Ashbury heights – Die by numbers Cruxshadows – Winterborn Peter Murphy – I’ll Fall with Your Knife […]

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