DJ Nero


DJ NeroVancouver, BC, Canada
DJ, Organizer

Origins, California, Residing Vancouver B.C. Been playing music for folks for about 7 years, 5 of which with Descent Sundays. General genres are industrial, ebm, metal, electronica. Loaths Dubstep, also, will no take dubstep requests. Might actually hunt you down and unleash a herd of carnivorous midgets upon your cranium if you do. Promoter, Producer, Arranger, Musician, Hippy Herder, I’m also fond of sexy people dancing, and appreciate those of you whom like the music I press play to and dance…your fucking …asses off.

DJ Nero Descent Setlists

Get Out & Dance with DJ Nero

DJ Nero plays a great blend of music but truly loves Industrial. If you die for the sounds of real industrial, hit the dance floor when Nero starts his set! Join your Vancouver Gothic alternative community! Make the Descent!