Vancouver’s nightlife would not be complete without Descent! This event takes place in a downtown nightclub, The Red Room, and plays a wide range of alternative music. It is the best place to hear Goth, Industrial, EBM, Techno, Rock, and Metal. Descent Sundays is dedicated to providing a welcoming place for the Vancouver alternative community, including members from the kink and LGBTQ communities.

Why We Rock

Our team strives to out the best event possible. You can expect these elements to be a continuous part of Descent tradition.

Free after midnight

Cheap Cover

Some of the cheapest cover in the city! Join your community without breaking the...

Keep calm and request a song

Song requests

Descent focuses on playing Goth, Industrial, EBM, Techno, Rock, and Metal. If there is something you want to dance to, we have a request list by the DJ booth every event....



Our team of resident DJs play a diverse range of music. Descent also hosts a number of guest DJs from other events as well as showcasing new and rising talent....

Goth themed cake

Themed Attractions

We host a variety of themes to inspire your creativity. Each theme provides changing attractions from live bands to performers....

No dress code

No Dress Code

Come dressed in your best or whatever you feel comfortable in. The most important part is expressing who you are....

bar drinks

Bar Drinks All Night

Commitment to offering a variety of drinks at low prices for our patrons. The bar is serving from open till close....

DJ Surreal

In 2007, with the collaboration of a few others, Surreal begun Descent Sundays and has been the chief organizer since. She has a great love the gothic and alternative communities. She has been doing chainmaille for a number of years and has started leatherwork as well. Along with these two hobbies, she also has designed and operates a number of web sites....

DJ Nero

Origins, California, Residing Vancouver B.C. Been playing music for folks for about 7 years, 5 of which with Descent Sundays. General genres are industrial, ebm, metal, electronica. Loaths Dubstep, also, will no take dubstep requests. Might actually hunt you down and unleash a herd of carnivorous midgets upon your cranium if you do. Promoter, Producer, Arranger, Musician, Hippy Herder, I’m also fond of sexy people dancing, and appreciate those of you whom like the music i press play to and dance…your fucking …asses off....

DJ Wraith

DJ Wraith is a fixture in Vancouver’s alternative scene since moving here in ’93, he’s by far the oldest of the Descent DJ’s. Having grown up in Montreal in the post punk era of Depeche Mode, New Order, Sisters of Mercy and the like, old school goth is part of his soul....


Kristy has been with Descent since 2011. She works the door and helps you with your coat check. She's a super lovely human and a total peach! She took a small break from us in May of 2016 but by September was back where she loved....


Jim has been part of Descent since it started in August 2007. He is responsible for resolving technical problems that arise and helps deliver the awesome. He loves it when people come out and is happy to reimburse your cover out of his own pocket!...


Heather started with Descent in 2007 as one of the Door girls. She can be seen assisting with the running of the lights, assisting with the door, or any other task that is needed. Heather took a hiatus during Descent's time at the Cobalt to work on schooling....

Retired Staff

These are the people who has worked with us over the years and either retired or moved onto other things. We want to acknowledge their past contributions to the history of Vancouver Descent.

DJ MoriDJ Mori was a part of the DJ Team from January 2015 to March 2016

DJ SpazDJ Spaz was a part of the DJ Team from August 2007 to August 2015

DJ Patient ZeroDJ Patient Zero was a part of the DJ Team from 2007 to 2013

DJ LususDJ Lusus was a part of the DJ Team until 2011

DJ PhailDJ Phail was a resident DJ

DJ ValtielDJ Valtiel was a resident DJ

Scott HurrScott Hurr worked with the Descent team as a performer as well as assisting on the organizational staff for a time.

Aaron Aaron working as part of the organizational staff for about 2 years.

DJ CasperellaDJ Casperella was a resident DJ

Garion DewinGarion Dewin was part of the organizing team

MegMeg was our committed door girl for a period of time.

Make the Descent

The Descent Sundays Team has been working hard since 2007 to give Vancouver the best place to dance to Goth, Industrial, Metal, & EBM. We are able to keep our event running thanks to your dedication to attending our events. Keep your Goth scene strong by making Descent part of your regular schedule! Stay on top of our list of events and we look forward to seeing you out at our club events as well as Goth community meet ups. Make the Descent!