April Darkness Setlist


April Darkness Setlist

We had our April Darkness event on April 23rd and we had a great turn out. As with many of our events, the dance floor was packed from the start of the night right up until the last song was played. Our usual line up of Resident DJs gave us the music that kept us dancing hard. Check out the set list below.

April Darkness Setlist



      Set 1 (Apr23-17) - DJ Wraith
DJ Wraith
Resident DJ

DJ Wraith opened up the event for us with some wonderful tracks to set the mood

  1. Kavinsky – Night Call
  2. IamX – Nature of Inviting
  3. This Mortal Coil – Strength of Strings
  4. Prospero (feat. Rebecca Eamon) – Extinct
  5. Dead When I Found Her – High Anxiety
  6. Soft Kill – Whirl
  7. Drab Majesty – Too Soon to Tell
  8. Solitary Experiments – Self-Deception
  9. Rotersand – Merging Oceans
  10. Dave Clark – What was her Name?
  11. Siouxsie and the Banshees – Hong Kong Garden
  12. Bauhaus – Dark Entries
  13. Joy Division – Love Will Tear Us Apart
  14. Peter Murphy – I’ll Fall With Your Knife



      Set 2 (Apr23-17) - DJ Surreal
DJ Surreal
Resident DJ

DJ Surreal took over for the next set with these songs

  1. Sisters of Mercy = Lucretia My Reflection
  2. Heilung – Krigsdalr
  3. The Fair Sex – Not Now, Not Here
  4. Razed in Black – I worship You
  5. Rotersand – Exterminate, Annhilate, Destroy
  6. MSI – Straight to Video (Combichrist Mix)
  7. Combichrist – Give Head if you Got It
  8. Aesthetic Perfection – The Dark Half
  9. Pendullum – Fasten Your Seatbelts
  10. And One – Military Fashion Show
  11. Beborn Beton – Another World
  12. VNV Nation – Chrome


Joshy Neurotic

      Set 3 (Apr23-17) - DJ Joshy Neurotic
DJ Nero close up
Resident DJ

DJ Joshy Neurotic played the next slot in our evening

  1. Covenant – Ritual Noise
  2. Ministry – So What
  3. Combichrist – Electrohead
  4. Assemblage 23- House on Fire
  5. AutoKratz – Heart
  6. Front 242 – Headhunter
  7. Frontline Assembly – Anti
  8. Repo! The Genetic Opera – Zydrate Anatomy
  9. Wumpscut – Wreath of Barbs
  10. Skinny Puppy – Worlock
  11. Snake River Conspiracy- Breed
  12. Scissor Sisters – Any Which Way



      Set 4 (Apr23-17) - DJ Wraith
DJ Wraith
Resident DJ

DJ Wraith came back to give another great set of music

  1. Sisters of Mercy – First, Last and Always
  2. VNV Nation – Everything
  3. Renegade Soundwave – Renegade Soundwave (Leftfield Mix)
  4. Lords of Acid – I Sit on Acid
  5. KMFDM – Juke Joint Jezebel
  6. Skinny Puppy – Rodent (Ken ‘Hiwatt’ Marshall Remix)
  7. Theatre of Tragedy – Machine (VNV Nation Mix)



      Set 5 (Apr23-17) - DJ Surreal
DJ Surreal
Resident DJ

DJ Surreal also reprised for another set

  1. E Nomine – Mitternacht
  2. Manson – Personal Jesus
  3. Concrete Blonde – Bloodletting
  4. Lindsey Stirling – Moon Trance
  5. She Wants Revenge – Tear you Apart
  6. NIN – Capital G


Joshy Neurotic VS Wraith

      Set 6 (Apr23-17) - DJ Joshy Neurotic VS DJ Wraith
DJ Nero close upDJ Wraith
Resident DJs

DJ Joshy Neurotic and DJ Wraith closed out the last set of the night together

  1. [J] A Perfect Circle – Counting Bodies Like Sheep
  2. [J] Ki Theory – Enjoy the Silence
  3. [J] Caravan Palace – Suzy
  4. [J] The Faint – The Conductor
  5. [J] Icon of Coil – Shallow Nation
  6. [J] Aesthetic Perfection – Schadenfreude
  7. [J] Rammstien – Du Hast
  8. [W] Kriminal Minds – La Razon de tu Existencia
  9. [W] Rotersand – War on Error (Declaration)
  10. [W] Suicide Commando – God is in the Rain
  11. [W] Nine Inch Nails – Fist Fuck
  12. [J] Pantera – Walk
  13. [J] MSI- Faggot


Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark

Our April Darkness party was a celebration of Gothic alternative culture in Vancouver. Descent works hard to play an active part of our community and grow the health of our scene. Join us for our Industrial Madness party in May. Don’t make excuses, Make the Descent!

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